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Online Course

Basic & Fundamentals, Technical Analysis, Options Hedging, 10 Days Zoom Classes, Evening - 8:00 PM (IST) to 9:30 PM (IST)
Rs 5999/- PER PERSON (Including GST)

Basic course on stock market

Stock market investments is designed to make basic course on stock market you understand complete basics on stock markets.  Anyone who can understand minimum English can attend this course and learn. After this basic course on stock market investment you will feel very confident   to invest in equity markets.  You will feel extremely overwhelmed after the session .We cover fundamental analysis and technical analysis also.  Around 1000+ people attend this session and given excellent feedback on Google.

Course Content:

☛ Why Stock Market ?
☛ What is stock Market?
☛ Nifty – Sensex
☛ How to apply IPO
☛ Fundamentals
☛ Market cap meaning
☛ Book value
☛ P/B Ratio
☛ P/E Ratio etc
☛ Intraday
☛ Delivery
☛ Margin trading
☛ Futures
☛ Options
☛ How to do hedging
☛ Sectorial view

Advanced technical & Hedging course

The main intention of advanced technical course is to educate students all the core Technicals in stock markets history. We will train you in such a way that you can trade independently and make money consistently. We teach advanced technical course in a right way and it is best in Bangalore. We also provide live trading which other institutions won’t provide at all.

1. Support & Resistance
2. Price Action Analysis
3. Life time Breakout
4. Life down Breakdown
5.Trend line -up
6. Trend Line – down
7. Candles sticks – Bullish Engulfing
8. Bearish Engulfing
9. Piercing pattern
10. Dark cloud cover
11. Bullish harami
12. Bearish Harami
13. Morning Star
14. Evening Star
15. Hammer
16.Shooting Star
17.Tweezer bottom
18.Tweezer top
19. Doji
20. Grave stone doji
21. Dragon fly Doji
24. Gamma 1 Narrow
25. Gamma 2 Big Range
26. Cushion Bullish & Bearish
27. Doublets
28. Intraday Scalping
29. Intraday Double Decker
30. Moving averages
31. RSI – tool
32. Thrishula Intraday
33. Data Debugging
34.NSE india – data
35. Futures analysis
36. Options analysis
37.Option Strategies

Course Fee : Rs 5999/- (Including GST)

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